Larry Canyon pictures
Robert and Courtney Schafer
April 2006
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spring20060012_r1 spring20060014_r1 spring20060015j spring20060017_r1 spring20060018j
Jason descends the moki steps into Larry Canyon Robert rappels into Larry Canyon Courtney enters the canyon (pic by Jason) Robert squeezing through narrows Robert and Courtney squeezing through the canyon (pic by Jason)
spring20060019_r1 spring20060022 spring20060023_r1 spring20060025_r1 spring20060026j
Narrows in Larry Sculpted rock and light Robert in the narrows Deep V-slot Courtney squeezes down a tight section (pic by Jason)
spring20060029_r1 spring20060030 spring20060032_r1 spring20060039_r1 spring20060040_r1
The narrow hallway continues Robert and Jason in a wider section Towering rock walls Jason on rappel Robert sets up a rappel
spring20060042_r1 spring20060043 spring20060049_r1 spring20060051_r1 spring20060054_r1
Looking skyward, deep in the canyon Courtney on rappel Canyon walls The canyon entices us onward Robert in another section of narrows
spring20060055_r1 spring20060058_r1 spring20060061_r1 spring20060063 spring20060064_r1
Jason in the canyon Robert exiting a dark section Courtney at the exit of the slanting hallway Jason and Robert approaching the optional rappel point Robert and Jason set up one of the optional rappels
spring20060067_r1 spring20060071_r1 spring20060072 spring20060074 spring20060076
View downcanyon from the optional rappel point Robert on rappel Canyon view on the walk to the exit crack Jason's canyoneering footwear - don't try this at home View from the base of the exit crack
spring20060077j spring20060077jb spring20060078    
Robert and Courtney climbing the exit crack (pic by Jason) Courtney and Robert climb the slickrock out to the rim (pic by Jason) Panorama from camp