Belford, Oxford, and Missouri peaks (in one day!)
Courtney Schafer
September 2007
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Belford, Oxford, and Missouri peaks are three of Colorado's 54 peaks over 14,000 feet. They are located in the Sawatch range in central Colorado, and ever since hearing that it is possible to hike them all in one day, I had been wanting to give it a try! In September 2007, I went with some others from Ball Aerospace down to the Sawatch for an attempt. Nobody else wanted to try all three (can't think why!) so I did them as a solo hike. Weather in the fall is more stable, and I had a perfect hiking day. According to Gerry Roach's guidebook, it's 14.5 miles and 7400 feet of elevation gain - a good workout! He suggests doing Missouri first, but I did Belford and Oxford, and then Missouri. That way if the weather had turned bad, I would at least have gotten in the first two. But as it was, the weather was gorgeous all day and I was able to enjoy all three summits.

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Early morning on the trail to Belford Early morning views View from the top of Belford Elkhead pass, from Belford peak Mt Belford summit marker
augsep070199 augsep070200 augsep070203 augsep070205 augsep070206
Mt Oxford summit marker View of Belford from Oxford Trail between Belford and Oxford Approaching Elkhead pass Missouri from the Elkhead pass trail
augsep070207 augsep070208 augsep070210 augsep070213 augsep070220
Approaching the start of the trail up Missouri View from Missouri's ridgeline Courtney on top of Missouri, with Belford in background View from Missouri Starting down from the summit
augsep070221 augsep070225_r1 augsep070227 augsep070228  
Missouri summit marker Sketchy dirt section of the ridge trail Missouri was covered in grasshoppers that day Woo hoo! All three peaks in one day!